Low Intensity Contact Ultrasound Implant 

For Improved Brain Therapy

The treatment of brain tumors using chemotherapy is currently not very effective. One of the major causes is the low penetration of chemotherapeutic agents into the brain due to the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

Many articles in the scientific literature have demonstrated the the blood-brain barrier can be opened using ultrasound in combination with systemic injection of an ultrasound contrast agent. This opening allows for an increased concentration of chemotherapeutic agents in brain tissue. Until now, all of the research in the field has used focused external ultrasound (HIFU) and is limited to small areas in the brain.

Primary brain tumors are often a diffuse disease. The objective of CarThera® is to open a larger zone of the BBB to allow for an optimal penetration of chemotherapy drugs in the brain. In addition, as chemotherapy sessions are performed repeatedly, our ultrasound system is compatible with repeated opening of the BBB in an outpatient setting.

The histological diagnosis or surgical resection of brain tumors requires an opening of the skull. This opening is normally followed by a closing of the skull opening. The idea for the SonoCloud® was to use this opening in the skull to implant an ultrasound device.



“Our primary innovation was to work on a device that emitted unfocused ultrasound from within the skull to avoid distortion of the ultrasound waves and to simplify the technique for repeated treatments. Thus was born the SonoCloud® program” as explained by Pr. Alexandre Carpentier.



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  • News CarThera

    December 2020: CarThera starts phase I/II trial in collaboration with Northwestern University

    CarThera announces the launch of a new phase I/II clinical trial (NCT04528680) in collaboration with Northwestern University in Chicago. The trial will recruit up to 39 patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) to test the SonoCloud-9 device in combination with Abraxane® – an albumin-bound formulation of paclitaxel. The first patient in this trial has been treated and further patient recruitment is now on-going. The goal of the trial is to determine the safe dose of Abraxane to be used in combination with the SonoCloud-9 device in recurrent GBM patients (Phase I); then expand with the established safe dose in order to evaluate preliminary efficacy (Phase II).

    September 2020: CarThera to receive €2M grant and €10.5M equity from the European Innovation Council

    CarThera announces that it has been selected by the EIC Accelerator Pilot to receive a €2 million ($2.3M) grant and €10.5M ($12M) in equity for the development of its DOMEUS project for the treatment of glioblastoma (GBM) patients. The company will also receive business coaching and mentoring to accompany its growth. With the DOMEUS project, CarThera will be able to scale-up its processes and organizational structure to bring its technology to an increasing number of patients around the world.

    June 2020: CarThera announces enrollment of first melanoma patient in new clinical trial for SonoCloud technology

    CarThera announces that the first patient has been enrolled and treated in a clinical trial evaluating the safety of using its SonoCloud® technology in combination with checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of brain metastases from melanoma (NCT04021420). In this trial, anti-PD1 alone or in combination with anti-CTLA4 are administered in patients before SonoCloud-mediated Blood Brain Barrier opening (BBB). BBB opening can help boost the brain’s immunity and increase brain penetration of newly approved systemically delivered immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors. This could translate into controlling brain disease with the same magnitude as peripheral diseases, improving clinical outcomes for many patients worldwide.